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Q&A Interview With Founder of On The Line 

Founded by former University of North Carolina Women's Lacrosse player Carly Reed. On The Line is a company that is passionate about providing elite athletes with exclusive high-performance apparel and streetwear. “I came up with ‘On The Line,’ because that’s something a lot of people dread hearing, but athletes see it as an opportunity to improve, ” says Reed, who later simplified it to OTL.

 Athletes have seemed to resonate with the name… OTL has received over 500 applications in the past two months.

 “It started during my college lacrosse career, I had lost my confidence and was looking to get it back, I realized when I dressed with more swag, I played with it too…" said Reed.

In the Spring of 2016, Reed found her confidence at the right time, earning herself a spot on the starting line up that led the UNC Women’s Lacrosse team to their second National Championship title. Read More. 

That persistence and grit is something that still drives her today.

Currently, Reed is OTL’s only full-time employee. She is doing everything from design, marketing, membership relations, accounting, graphic design etc. On occasion, she will get help from her friends and her professional hockey player boyfriend Caleb Herbert. “I have a really long way to go but that is what excites me the most. I felt like my lacrosse career had a 4-year time limit and I love the fact that I can just keep trying and take different approaches to bring this vision to life.” Reed states, "I love learning new stuff and I love taking risks-- I feel like I've been waiting my whole life to do this." 

“I wanted to make it members only to bring the team concept into the real world, I also think the whole ‘athleisure’ scene has downplayed all the hard work and commitment it takes both mentally and physically to perform at the highest level of athletics.” 

 On many of OTL’s products, you will find the tagline  “high performance, higher purpose”.

“Growing up I played every sport possible and I believe it played a huge role in who I am today. I am lucky enough to have parents that have inspired me to dream and have always believed in me no matter what I want to do. However, I know there are so many kids out there that aren’t as lucky as I was. Sports give kids an opportunity to be free and chase their dreams. I want them to know that they’re capable of doing whatever they set their mind too. I want to inspire them to write their own story because I think that is something that can easily be forgotten” Reed explains

Reed also mentioned that dedicating On The Line to youth athletics has given her a new sense of purpose when it comes to staying in shape. “Right when school ended, working out was hard for me, I didn't really see the purpose of pushing myself during workouts like I used too…  but I dedicating the brand to a higher purpose gave me a reason to push myself beyond my limits. It’s always easy to give up when you’re working for yourself, believe me, I’ve been there too, but when you do things for a higher purpose, suddenly you can go just that much further and you start to enjoy the process.”

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